Sunday, 6 October 2013

Get paid to do scams

Get paid to do websites offers you the opportunity to click a few ads, watch a few adverts and do some surveys to get some cash (albeit pennies and not worth your time of electric bill anyway). But the truth is that these websites are nothing more than scammers trying to get people to slave away completing these offers and doing these surveys and in the end they will ban everyone who requests to cash out on them. Simple as that. The evil morons who run these websites are scamming people and running of with affiliate earning created by their slaves. Usually the website will ban people who request a cash out with reason like you broke the rules one way or another... or some other stupid excuse... but the fact is that these websites wont return banned users (most likely all users however some website not to raise suspicions mayn't ban all users all the times only those who have high earnings so other will promote their website)  earnings to the advertisers but will simply keep the earnings.. so these websites both scam users and advertisers. Don't use get paid to do website you wont be receiving any of the pennies you make on them.

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