Sunday, 6 October 2013

Some of the best insoles I recently bought.. my review!

Recently I was searching the internet trying to find how to cure or at the very least ease the pain of my plantar fasciitis.. after quite a bit of research i finally came to the conclusion that the best insoles to buy where not the expensive custom made ones but cheaper £10.. why? because expensive ones are just a waste of money and dont really do much. Advise i found on forums pointed me to buying some fits all sizes insoles for one tenth of the price of custom made insoles... I finally settled on buying some nuovahealth insoles and they have really improved the comfort of my shoes and have made my plantar fasciitis heal up super fast because there is a lot less weight putting pressure now on the plantar fascia. I was going to get some superfeet insoles.. but decided not to because I remember one of my running pals said that superfeet ones are just a expensive brand.. you only pay extra for the brand and not the quality. Nuovahealth insoles on the other hand were inexpensive and are working for me! :)

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